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  1. The design of well spacing significantly influences the sustainability and economic benefit of geothermal energy extraction. However, most studies have predominantly employed heat production-related parameters...

    Authors: Wenjie Sun, Weizun Zhang, Zhongxin Zhao, Yonghui Huang, Yaqian Ren, Lu Ren, Yican Yan, Shuqin Ji, Shejiao Wang and Yanlong Kong
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:16
  2. There are two problems in the prediction of the geothermal field in the PanZ area: (1) the plane scopes have some debates, and (2) the vertical scopes need to be further ascertained. Faced with these two probl...

    Authors: Guolei Zheng, Jinshui Huang, Peng Zhai and Gang Wang
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:15
  3. Only 32 countries in the world have geothermal power plants in operation, with a combined capacity of 16,318 MW installed in 198 geothermal fields with 673 individual power units. Almost 37% of those units are...

    Authors: Luis C. A. Gutiérrez-Negrín
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:14
  4. The Ethiopia Rift System (ERS) is a section of the East African Rift System within Ethiopia extending from the Afar in the northeast to the Kenya border in the southwest. It is apparent that magmatism and magm...

    Authors: Samson Hilemichaeil, Tigistu Haile and Gezahegn Yirgu
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:13
  5. Geothermal energy is an abundant natural resource in many regions around the world. However, in some areas, the temperature of the geothermal energy resource is too low to be efficiently harvested. Organic Ran...

    Authors: Hamid-Reza Bahrami and Marc A. Rosen
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:12
  6. Direct use of geothermal energy is the oldest and most versatile form of utilizing geothermal energy. In the last decade, this utilization has significantly increased, especially with the installation of geoth...

    Authors: Erika Gasperikova, Craig Ulrich, Olufemi A. Omitaomu, Patrick Dobson and Yingqi Zhang
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:11
  7. Continental crust at temperatures > 400 °C and depths > 10–20 km normally deforms in a ductile manner, but can become brittle and permeable in response to changes in temperature or stress state induced by flui...

    Authors: Samuel Scott, Alina Yapparova, Philipp Weis and Matthew Houde
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:10
  8. The Upper Jurassic carbonate aquifer in the German Molasse Basin (S Germany) below Munich is the focus of exploitation of geothermal energy. To implement geothermal wells, meaningful prediction of reservoir qu...

    Authors: J. F. Krumbholz, M. Krumbholz, S. H. Wadas and D. C. Tanner
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:9
  9. To improve the design process of geothermal systems, it is important to know which design parameters particularly affect the performance of the system. This article presents investigations on design parameters...

    Authors: Simon Richter, Katrin Lubashevsky, Jakob Randow, Steve Henker, Jörg Buchwald and Anke Bucher
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:8
  10. The influence of deep and regional geological structures is becoming increasingly important in superhot geothermal systems due to their proximity to the transition between brittleness and ductility. In the Los...

    Authors: Natalia Cornejo-Triviño, Domenico Liotta, Luigi Piccardi, Andrea Brogi, Michal Kruszewski, M.A Perez-Flores, Jonathan Carrillo, Philippe Calcagno, Ingo Sass and Eva Schill
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:7
  11. In order to better understand the crustal shortening and orogenic uplift in the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, as well as the geothermal resource effects formed during this process, we used ModEM ...

    Authors: Yi Yang, Jie Zhang, Xingchun Wang, Mingxing Liang, Dewei Li, Meng Liang, Yang Ou, Dingyu Jia, Xianchun Tang and Xufeng Li
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:6
  12. High-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES) systems are designed for seasonal storage of large amounts of thermal energy to meet the demand of industrial processes or district heating systems at ...

    Authors: Kai Stricker, Robert Egert, Eva Schill and Thomas Kohl
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:4
  13. The use of cement-based composites (CBC) with high thermal conductivity for geothermal well cementing is extremely important for the efficient development and use of geothermal energy. Accurate prediction of t...

    Authors: Yu Yang, Bo Li, Lulu Che, Menghua Li, Ye Luo and Hang Han
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2024 12:3
  14. To study the evolution rules and behaviors of heat transport in a sandstone geothermal reservoir caused by cooled water reinjection, this research focuses on the quantitative relationship among reinjection par...

    Authors: Jialong Li, Fengxin Kang, Tong Bai, Zhenhan Li, Qiang Zhao, Pingping Zhang, Tingting Zheng and Haibo Sui
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:35
  15. Germany desires to become climate-neutral in its heat supply by 2045. From 2024 onward communities are legally required to develop a plan documenting how the objective will be achieved. Geothermal resources ca...

    Authors: Pascal Schlagermann and Kurt M. Reinicke
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:33
  16. Hydraulic stimulation of enhanced deep geothermal reservoirs commonly targets pre-existing joint networks with the goal of increasing reservoir permeability. Here, we study the permeability and strength of joi...

    Authors: Alexandra R. L. Kushnir, Michael J. Heap, Patrick Baud, Thierry Reuschlé and Jean Schmittbuhl
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:32
  17. As main heat exchange channel in enhanced geothermal system, the evolution of hydraulic conductivity in fracture is significance for efficient heat mining. For the thermal stress or thermal cracking spontaneou...

    Authors: Wei Zhang, Dong Wang, Zenglin Wang, Tiankui Guo, Chunguang Wang, Jiayuan He, Le Zhang, Peng Zheng and Zhanqing Qu
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:31
  18. The Himalaya, Kohistan, and Karakoram ranges comprise Proterozoic to Cenozoic crystalline complexes exposed in northern Pakistan. Numerous hot springs in the area indicate high subsurface temperatures, prompti...

    Authors: Muhammad Anees, Jonas Kley, Bernd Leiss, David Hindle, Ali Abbas Wajid, Bianca Wagner, Mumtaz M. Shah and Elco Luijendijk
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:29
  19. Extreme environments on Earth host a large diversity of microbial life. Bacteria, archaea, and fungi are able to survive under one or several extreme conditions including extreme ranges of temperature, pressur...

    Authors: Danaé Bregnard, Alessio Leins, Guillaume Cailleau, Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Florian Eichinger, Joy Ianotta, Richard Hoffmann, Joerg Uhde, Saskia Bindschedler, Simona Regenspurg and Pilar Junier
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:28
  20. Highly saline lithium-rich hydrothermal fluids (measured chloride concentration up to 44 g kg−1, lithium concentration up to 162 mg kg−1) occur in the deep calcareous Muschelkalk aquifer beneath the northern Alpi...

    Authors: Ingrid Stober, Jens Grimmer and Michael Kraml
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:27
  21. The energy replenishment and heat convection induced by fracture water flowing through the rock mass impact the shallow geothermal energy occurrence, transfer and storage mechanisms in it. In this article, a s...

    Authors: Fengqiang Deng, Peng Pei, Yonglin Ren, Tingting Luo and Yixia Chen
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:25
  22. A CO2-based Enhanced Geothermal System (CO2-EGS) has dual benefits of heat extraction and CO2 storage. Mineralization storage of CO2 may reduce reservoir permeability, thereby affecting heat extraction. Solutions...

    Authors: Pan Li, Yang Hao, Yu Wu, Ayal Wanniarachchi, Hongxue Zhang and Zhili Cui
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:24
  23. High-temperature hydrothermal systems are mainly distributed in the north–south graben systems of southern Tibet as an important part of the Mediterranean–Tethys Himalayan geothermal belt in mainland China. As...

    Authors: Rui Cao, Ji Dor, YongQiang Cai, XiaoLin Chen, Xiang Mao and Hui-ren Meng
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:23
  24. The northern Central Range of Taiwan is a high-potential geothermal region. Since the formations are mainly tight metasandstone and slate, permeable structures associated with faults are commonly considered as...

    Authors: Bing-Cheng Chen, Tito Perdana and Li-Wei Kuo
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:22
  25. Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) methodology was adapted for geothermal exploration at Camas Prairie, Idaho. Geophysical data, structural and geologic mapping, volcanic rock ages and vent locations, and the distrib...

    Authors: Thomas E. Lachmar, Ghanashyam Neupane, Sabodh K. Garg, Patrick F. Dobson, Connor J. Smith, Dennis L. Newell, John W. Shervais, James P. Evans and Leland L. Mink
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:21
  26. Adequate stewardship of geothermal resources requires accurate forecasting of long-term thermal performance. In enhanced geothermal systems and other fracture-dominated reservoirs, predictive models commonly a...

    Authors: Nicolás Rangel-Jurado, Adam J. Hawkins and Patrick M. Fulton
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:19
  27. This study focuses on hydrothermal alteration in the geothermal reservoir of Cerro Pabellón (Andean Cordillera, Northern Chile). It is based on CP2A and CP5A production wells drilled above a local normal fault...

    Authors: J. Vidal, P. Patrier, D. Beaufort, S. Maza, G. Rivera, G. Volpi and D. Morata
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:18

    The Correction to this article has been published in Geothermal Energy 2023 11:26

  28. Large-scale ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems are increasingly used for space heating and cooling. In comparison with smaller ones, large GSHP systems are often coupled with much more borehole heat exchan...

    Authors: Yaqian Ren, Yanlong Kong, Yonghui Huang, Shu Bie, Zhonghe Pang, Jichao He, Wei Yi, Bin He and Jiyang Wang
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:16
  29. The Thrace Basin in northwestern Turkey is a deep Eocene–Oligocene hydrocarbon-bearing sedimentary basin. The basin has potential for geothermal energy utilization in the future due to its favorable geological...

    Authors: Kamil Erkan and Elif Balkan-Pazvantoğlu
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:13
  30. Authors: Leandra M. Weydt, Federico Lucci, Alicja Lacinska, Dirk Scheuvens, Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez, Guido Giordano, Christopher A. Rochelle, Stefanie Schmidt, Kristian Bär and Ingo Sass
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:10

    The original article was published in Geothermal Energy 2022 10:20

  31. Geothermal heat pumps are one of the most growing and cost-effective renewable energy technologies based on the temperature difference between the ground and the environment. In the cold seasons, the temperatu...

    Authors: Yashar Aryanfar and Jorge Luis García Alcaraz
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:9
  32. Recent researches have proposed the use of enhanced geothermal system reservoirs consisting of dense networks of microfractures, created by hydraulic and/or thermal fracturing in superhot/supercritical geother...

    Authors: Ryota Goto, Daisuke Nakayama, Ryota Takahashi, Eko Pramudyo, Kohei Takuma and Noriaki Watanabe
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:7
  33. The presence of non-condensable gases (NCGs) in a geothermal fluid disrupts the vacuum process in the condenser, reducing turbine efficiency and decreasing the total power output of the geothermal power plant ...

    Authors: Candra Mecca Sufyana, Fiki Taufik Akbar and Wahyu Srigutomo
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:6
  34. In the foreseeable future, the geothermal exploitation from hot dry rocks (HDR) using a horizontal well will bear potential. Thus, in-depth studies should be conducted on the selection of injection-production ...

    Authors: Guoshu Huang, Xiangyun Hu, Huolin Ma, Liang Liu, Jian Yang, Wenlong Zhou, Weiyang Liao and Bai Ningbo
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:5
  35. Compared with conventional fossil fuel sources, geothermal energy has several advantages. The produced geothermal energy is safe for the environment and suitable for meeting heating power needs. Because the ho...

    Authors: Jian Huang, Azher M. Abed, Sayed M. Eldin, Yashar Aryanfar and Jorge Luis García Alcaraz
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:4
  36. Renewable energy sources are key to achieve the transition toward clean energy system. Among them, the geothermal energy has a production whose effectiveness requires sufficient understanding of the temperatur...

    Authors: M. Torne, I. Jiménez-Munt, A. M. Negredo, J. Fullea, J. Vergés, I. Marzán, J. Alcalde, E. Gómez-Rivas and C. García de la Noceda
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:3
  37. One key aspect in the energy transition is to use the deep geothermal energy stored in sedimentary basins as well as in igneous and metamorphic basement rocks. To estimate the variability of deep geothermal po...

    Authors: Nora Koltzer, Judith Bott, Kristian Bär and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth
    Citation: Geothermal Energy 2023 11:2

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