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Correction: Qualitative assessment of optimizing the well spacings based on the economic analysis

The Original Article was published on 21 May 2024

Correction: Geothermal Energy (2024) 12:16

In this article, the Eq. 11 and the surrounding text has been overlapped each other. It is now corrected in the correction article.

The clear version of Eq. 11 and the text is given in this correction,

LCOH-HT, is expressed as follows:

$$LCOH-HT=\frac{n\times \sqrt{{{L}_{p}}^{2}+{{L}_{s}}^{2}}+{C}_{f }+{ C}_{s }+{C}_{h }+\sum_{t=1}^{LT}\frac{{C}_{l}+{\int }_{t=0}^{{t}_{l}}\frac{{Q}_{pro}[{\rho }_{w}gD(1+cos(\theta ))-P+{P}_{0}+8\frac{{f}_{D}L{\rho }_{w}}{\uppi {d}^{3}}{{Q}_{pro}}^{2}]pp}{\eta }dt+{C}_{e}}{{\left(1+\text{i}\right)}^{t}}}{\sum_{t=1}^{LT}\frac{{\int }_{t=0}^{{t}_{l}}{Q}_{pro}{\rho }_{l }{c}_{l}({T}_{p,t}-{T}_{i,t})dt}{{\left(1+i\right)}^{t}}}$$

Notably, the actual proportionality constant relating the LCOT-HT with the hydraulic pressure and temperature changes, underscoring the necessity for accurate predictive models.

The original article (Sun et al. 2024) has been corrected.


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