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Table 1 Information included in the stress magnitude database

From: An open-access stress magnitude database for Germany and adjacent regions

Location Pressure measurements
Latitude, longitude Breakdown pressure (+SD)
UTM coordinates Reopening pressure (+SD)
Depth below surface (true vertical depth) Shut-in pressure (+SD)
Reference height if deviating from ground level Leak-off pressure
Site/locality Formation propagation pressure (+SD)
Country Fracture closure pressure (+SD)
  Injected volume
Indicator Fracture geometry
Measurement type Azimuth of opened fracture
Measurement depth interval Dipping angle of opened fracture
Number of single measurements  
Stress tensor Questionable values
Aazimuth \(S_\text {Hmax}\) (+WSM-quality, SD) General comment field: additional information of various kind
Stress regime  
Principal stresses \(\sigma _{1/2/3}\) (+SD)  
Effective principal stresses \(\sigma _{1/2/3eff}\) References
\(S_\text {hmin}, S_\text {Hmax}\) (+bounds, SD) Label(s) to reference(s)
\(S_{\text {hmin}eff}, S_{\text {Hmax}eff}\) Written-out reference(s)
\(S_\text {V}\) (+SD) DOI(s) to reference(s)
\(S_{\text {V}eff}\)  
Pore pressure Quality assignment
Rock properties  
Young’s modulus  
Poisson’s ratio  
Rock type  
Lithostratigraphic unit  
Rock density  
In situ tensile strength  
  1. For a more detailed listing and explanations see Additional file 1
  2. SD: Standard deviation, if given in reference