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Fig. 2

From: The interplay of Malm carbonate permeability, gravity-driven groundwater flow, and paleoclimate – implications for the geothermal field and potential in the Molasse Basin (southern Germany), a foreland-basin play

Fig. 2

Temperature at top Malm (Upper Jurassic) derived from the geostatistical 3D temperature model of the LIAG (Agemar et al. 2012; Agemar and Tribbensee 2018) and projected on the simplified geological map (Fig. 1). Maximum extent of the Würm Glaciation according to digital maps by Gibbard et al. (2011). Red line AA’ indicates the studied cross section. Dark blue lines (the eastern one being partially covered by red line AA’) indicate the locations of the GeotIS sections presented in Fig. 18

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