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Fig. 18: | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 18:

From: The interplay of Malm carbonate permeability, gravity-driven groundwater flow, and paleoclimate – implications for the geothermal field and potential in the Molasse Basin (southern Germany), a foreland-basin play

Fig. 18:

2D sections extracted from the 3D temperature model (Agemar et al. 2012) implemented in the Geothermal Information System GeotIS (Agemar et al. 2014; LIAG 2021), a being representative of the low Malm permeability known to the west of Munich, and b being representative of the high Malm permeability known in the Wasserburg Trough to the east of Munich. The section locations are indicated in the map slices above each 2D section and in Fig. 2. Full circles in the map slices and schematic drilling rigs with vertical drill paths in the 2D sections indicate boreholes with temperature information. Vertical exaggeration equals five

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