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Table 1 Economic and energy evaluations for a large greenhouse and a group of seven small greenhouses assumed to be supplied by heat extracted from geothermal water; Central part of the Polish Lowlands, Uniejów-Poddębice zone (Barbacki et al. 2017)

From: Prospects for the application of geothermal resources in agriculture in Poland taking account of the natural functions of the countryside

Parameter Unit Consumer (type of facility)
Large greenhouse Small greenhouses (group of 7)
Cubic capacity [m3] 225,000 98,000
Usable area [m2] 15,000 1,400
Height [m] 15 7
Central heating requirement [kW] 2,400 361.2
Hot water preparation requirement [kW] 16 18.9
Energy demand (central heating, hot water) [GJ/y] 21,800 3745
Design parameters of the heating installation [°C] 70/50 70/50
Design parameters of the installation for hot water preparation [°C] 60/20 60/20
Investment expenditure [PLN]a 2,416,000 380,100
Fixed costs
(assumed technical service life of the installation: 20 years)
[PLN/y] 120,800 19,005
Variable costs [PLN/y] 1,454,420 249,155
Total costs [PLN/y] 1,575,220 268,160
  1. a1 PLN (Polish zloty) ~ 0.25 EUR (February 2020)