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Fig. 12

From: Monitoring cold water injections for reservoir characterization using a permanent fiber optic installation in a geothermal production well in the Southern German Molasse Basin

Fig. 12

Changing of temperature profiles over time in the first section. First subplot to the left shows the completion with tieback liner in blue and TEF/sucker rod in red. Second subplot shows the wireline temperature log that was recorded inside the tieback liner. Third to sixth subplots show DTS profiles that were recorded in the borehole as the tieback liner was pulled. Third subplot is the mean DTS profile until start of Inj1, fourth shows a DTS profile shortly before start of Inj1, fifth is 3 days after Inj1, sixth subplot shows a current DTS profile. Transparent lines are raw DTS data, sharp lines are moving average over 4 h at a spatial resolution of 2 m

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