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Fig. 2

From: Net-exergetic, hydraulic and thermal optimization of coaxial heat exchangers using fixed flow conditions instead of fixed flow rates

Fig. 2

Results of hydraulic optimization (a Influence of flow type and \({\text{SDR}}\), b Influence of material, c Influence outer pipe radius) Influence of several parameters on optimal hydraulic results for laminar and turbulent flows a Optimal inner pipe radius \({c_{\text{opt}}}\) as well as optimal inner pipe middle radius \({c_{m,\text{opt}}}\) for different flow types over standard dimension ratio \({\text{SDR}}\) for fixed Reynolds numbers and fixed mass flow rates (\(\dot{m}\)). Reference case. b Optimal inner pipe radius \({c_{\text{opt}}}\) calculated with the smallest outer pipe radius \({r_o}_{,min}\) for all material combinations over \({\text{SDR}}\) c Deviation \(\Delta {c}_{\text{opt}}\) of optimal inner pipe radius from the results in b when calculating with the largest outer pipe radius \({r_o}_{,max}\) for all material combinations over \({\text{SDR}}\)

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