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Fig. 8

From: Economic and fault stability analysis of geothermal field development in direct-use hydrothermal reservoirs

Fig. 8

Map view at a depth of 2177.5 m showing the temperature distribution in the DSSM reservoir after 30 years of production with an FWD of 390 m (a, b) and 60 m (c, d) for a sealing (a, c) and a transmissive fault (b, d). Data shown use an injection temperature of 303.15 K and a flowrate of 9000 m3/day. Injector and producer wells are marked with a blue and red point respectively and the fault position is indicated in black. The notation on the bottom right shows the volume percentage that exhibits a \(\Delta T >1.5\) K after 30 years of simulation compared to the initial reservoir temperature. The percentage is calculated throughout the whole reservoir volume and it is not limited to the horizontal cross-section shown here

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