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Fig. 2

From: Modelling an unconventional closed-loop deep borehole heat exchanger (DBHE): sensitivity analysis on the Newberry volcanic setting

Fig. 2

Geological setting and well completion diagram of DBHE design implemented in T2Well/EOS1. Left—geological setup, with four key zones at defined depths in the z axis (+ 1599.50 m to − 1580 m). Numbered labels are supported by thermodynamic properties in Table 4. Right—2D asymmetric scheme containing 2752 cells in the r (1–200 m) and z axis, interpreted from Morita et al. (1992a), Sonnenthal et al. (2012). Well completion diagram of the DBHE interpreted from Cladouhos et al. (2016). Both depict the casing and cement sections at appropriate elevations in T2Well/EOS1, interpreted from Tang et al. (2019), Toth (2015)

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