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Table 6 Temperature at depth scenarios based on the thermal properties of the geological materials

From: Thermophysical properties of surficial rocks: a tool to characterize geothermal resources of remote northern regions

Diorite–gabbro thicknessScenario GHFM-GRSScenario TCS-GRSScenario GHFM-ICP-MSScenario TCS-ICP-MS
1 km5 km1 km5 km1 km5 km1 km5 km
T (°C) at 5 km depth
 Worst-case scenario32–3931–3835–4333–4136–4535–4340–4938–47
 Base-case scenario69–8566–8058–7157–7072–8868–8460–7359–73
 Best-case scenario137–168129–158108–132105–129109–134105–12986–10585–104