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Table 5 The unspecific mineral set, ordered in groups of minerals and their associated phases

From: A multicomponent geothermometer for high-temperature basalt settings

Mineral groupAssociated mineral phases
CarbonatesCalcite, aragonite, dolomite
Oxides and hydroxidesSpinel, hematite, goethite, diaspore, gibbsite
Sulphides and sulphatesPyrite, marcasite, pyrrhotite, anhydrite, gypsum
NesosilicatesForsterite, grossular, andradite, andalusite, sillimanite, kyanite
SorosilicatesGehlenite, lawsonite, epidote, zoisite
InosilicatesWollastonite, diopside, hedenbergite, ferrosilite, enstatite, anthophyllite, tremolite, pargasite
PhyllosilicatesTalc, muscovite, paragonite, phlogopite, illite, smectite, clinochlore, kaolinite
TectosilicatesQuartz, chalcedony, anorthite, albite, sanidine, K-feldspar, microcline, analcime, laumontite, wairakite