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Table 2 Parametrization of the conceptual 2-D geological models

From: Temperature and pressure corrections applied to rock thermal conductivity: impact on subsurface temperature prognosis and heat-flow determination in geothermal exploration

UnitRock typeρλHp correctionT correctionSpecific p/T corrections
Scenario A: magmatic/metamorphic section in the upper 7 km of crust
 ADiorite30002.21.2CrystallinekkrocksffFor unit A-H:  
 IBasalt29003.51.2Mafic grnSPmetamZH  
Scenario B: sedimentary section in the upper 7 km of crust p correctionT correction
 Agwke, sch, ls26202.82.8No correctionRocksFFsedSOlsZHrocksFFsedVS
 Bsst, sltst, mdst25003.31.6sedSOsedVSsedSO
 Emdst, sltst25002.61.6sedSOsedVSsedSO
 Fls, mrlst23502.21.2sedSOlsZHlsZH
 Gsst, mdst, sltst25002.91.0sedSOsedVSsedSO
 Hmrlst, ls21002.21.3sedSOlsZHlsZH
 Icl, slt, sd17002.01.0sedSOsedVSsedSO
Basement of 2-D crustal models (identical for scenarios A and B, given from bottom to top)
 1 (7 km)Mafic grn31002.30.2CrystallineKKRocksFFmafic grnSPmetamZHmafic grnSPmafic grnSP
 2 (3 km)Felsic grn, igrn28003.01.0grtMIfelsicZHfelsic grnSPfelsic grnSP
 3 (5 km)amph29502.50.5mafic grnSPmetamZHamphSPamphSP
 4 (5 km)Dioritic gns28002.21.0grtMIfelsicZHgrtSPfelsicZH
 5 (3 km)Granodioritic gns27502.62.5grtMIfelsicZHgrtSPfelsicZH
  1. Thermal conductivity (λ, in W m−1K−1), density (ρ, in kg m−3), heat production (H, in µW m−3), and the correction formula applied in the thermal simulations are given. The specific p/T-correction formula apply to scenario B only (see Fig. 7)
  2. amph amphibolite, cl clay, gns gneiss, grn granulite, grt granite, gwke greywacke, igrn intermediate granulite, ls limestone, mdst mudstone, metam metamorphic, mrlst marlstone, sch schist, sed sediments, sd sand, slt silt, sltst siltstone, sst sandstone