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Table 1 Applied corrections to estimate the potential impact of p/T-related corrections of thermal conductivity (λ)

From: Temperature and pressure corrections applied to rock thermal conductivity: impact on subsurface temperature prognosis and heat-flow determination in geothermal exploration

Rock typeMinimum/maximum change of λ0 based on
p correction
(↑λ with pressure)
T correction
(↓λ with temperature)
SedimentaryNo correction/rocksFFSedimentsso/sedimentsVS
Mafic rocks (magmatic/metamorphic)Crystallinekk/rocksFFMafic granuliteSP/metamorphicZH
Felsic rocks (magmatic/metamorphic)Crystallinekk/rocksFFGranitemi/felsic granuliteSP
  1. For abbreviations see Fig. 1