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Fig. 8

From: Temperature and pressure corrections applied to rock thermal conductivity: impact on subsurface temperature prognosis and heat-flow determination in geothermal exploration

Fig. 8

Effect of p/T corrections on thermal conductivity (λ) and determined heat-flow density (HFD), assuming a T gradient of 30 °C km−1 and a p gradient of 26 MPa km−1 for a sedimentary rock with λ = 2.8 W m−1K−1, b for a mafic type of rock (λ = 2.4 W m−1K−1), and c for a felsic type of rock (λ = 3 W m−1K−1) applying no correction, only pressure correction, only T correction and combined p/T corrections [λ(p + T)] for the minimum and maximum case (see Table 1)

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