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Fig. 7

From: Temperature and pressure corrections applied to rock thermal conductivity: impact on subsurface temperature prognosis and heat-flow determination in geothermal exploration

Fig. 7

Effect of different corrections on ambient thermal conductivity values on the surface heat flow assuming a basal heat flow of 30 mW m−2 at 30 km depth. a For igneous cross section, b for sedimentary section with specific p/T corrections for thermal conductivity λ (see Table 2). λ(p): only p correction of λ; λ(T): only T correction of λ; λ(p,T): first p, then T correction of λ; λ(T,p): first T, then p correction; λ(EM): correction of λ according Emirov et al. (2017) for sediments; λ0: without any λ correction; heat prod.: crustal heat flow calculated by the heat production H of the model layers. The specific values for H in µW m−3 are given for each polygon in the cross sections (upper part of A and B)

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