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Fig. 4

From: Temperature and pressure corrections applied to rock thermal conductivity: impact on subsurface temperature prognosis and heat-flow determination in geothermal exploration

Fig. 4

Temperature difference (ΔT) plots showing the impact of the different thermal conductivity (λ) correction equations on the modeled temperature field for the uppermost 10 km of the upper crust. The bandwidth of the curves show the range of the obtained ΔT in the respective depth level. Several cases for studying the minimum and maximum impact of applying correction functions are considered: only pressure correction of λ [λ(maxp)], only temperature correction of λ [λ(maxT)], and the main rock type-specific combined minimum and maximum p/T corrections according to Tables 1 and 2. a Magmatic–metamorphic scenario with two ways of p/T corrections for minimum [λ(maxp,minT) and λ(minT,maxp)] and maximum [λ(minp,maxT) and λ(maxT,minp)] of ΔT, respectively. b Sedimentary scenario with 3 ways of p/T corrections for the minimum case [λ(maxp + minT), λ(maxp,minT) and λ(minT,maxp)] and two ways of p/T corrections for the maximum case [λ(minp,maxT) and λ(maxT,minp)]

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