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Fig. 1

From: Temperature and pressure corrections applied to rock thermal conductivity: impact on subsurface temperature prognosis and heat-flow determination in geothermal exploration

Fig. 1

Relative change of thermal conductivity (λ) based on different p/T corrections (p corrections with increased λ, grey shaded area; T corrections with decreased λ): a for sedimentary rocks with a start value at ambient conditions (λ0) of 2.8 W m−1K−1 (except for salt inset with λ0 = 5.8 W m−1K−1); b for mafic rocks (magmatic or metamorphic) with a λ0 of 2.4 W m−1K−1, and c for felsic rocks (magmatic or metamorphic) with a λ0 of 3.0 W m−1K−1. The main rock type as specified by the respective author is denoted. Authors are abbreviated as follows: BL: Blesch et al. (1983); EM: Emirov et al. (2017); FF: Fuchs and Förster (2014); KK: Kukkonen et al. (1999); MI: Eq. 4 of Miranda et al. (2019); SO: Somerton (1992); SP: Seipold (2001); VS: Vosteen and Schellschmidt (2003); SG: Sekiguchi (1984); ZH: Zoth and Haenel (1988)

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