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Table 2 Main source of data used to define the synthetic lithological logs by zones

From: Geothermal resource assessment of remote sedimentary basins with sparse data: lessons learned from Anticosti Island, Canada

Thermal unitsWest zoneWest Center zoneEast Center zoneEast zone
Ch–Ju–GRGlobensky (1993)Globensky (1993)Globensky (1993)Bertrand (1987), Globensky (1993), INRS-Pétrole (1974)
MerrimackGlobensky (1993)Globensky (1993)Globensky (1993)Globensky (1993), INRS-Pétrole (1974)
All other unitsINRS-Pétrole (1973a)Bédard et al. (2014, INRS-Pétrole (1973b)Bédard et al. (2014), INRS-Pétrole (1974)Bédard et al. (2014), Bertrand (1987), INRS-Pétrole (1974)