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Table 2 Summary of the seismicity observed during the development of the Rittershoffen geothermal reservoir

From: Seismicity induced during the development of the Rittershoffen geothermal field, France

First event
Last event
NEVTMMIN to MMAXΔDepth (m TVD MSL)QMAX (L/s)WHPMAX (MPa)Volume (m3)Duration (h)Productivity and injectivity indices (L/s/bar)
Drilling of GRT-1
26− 1.3 to 0.61200–2000P = 0.45
GRT-1 production test
 None6400216P = 0.6
Thermal stimulation of GRT-1 
146− 1.5 to 0.31300–3050252.8413562.6I = 0.9
Pre-stimulation test and chemical stimulation of GRT-1
 None27 + 52.5 +/357 + 2696.5 + 14.2I = 1.7
Hydraulic stimulation of GRT-1 and injection test
831− 1.4 to 0.91200–200080 + 603.3 + 2.23180 + 82021.7 + 6.5I = 2.5
161− 0.9 to 1.61300–2050
Drilling of GRT-2
184− 1.5 to 1.01250–1850P = 2.8 to 3.5
  1. For each period, NEVT represents the number of located events, MMIN and MMAX are the minimum and maximum observed magnitudes, respectively, and ΔDepth is the depth interval containing 80% of the events. Finally, QMAX, WHPMAX, Volume and Duration correspond to the maximum flow rate, maximum wellhead pressure, total injected or produced volume and duration of the stimulation operations, respectively. The productivity or injectivity indices have been measured following the associated operations