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Geothermal Energy Cover Image

Table 1 Interval seismic velocities applied in the 3D velocity model

From: Seismicity induced during the development of the Rittershoffen geothermal field, France

InterfaceDepth in GRT1 (m TVD MSL)Vp (m/s)Vs (m/s)Vp/Vs
Surface (at GRT1)− 15113006132.12
Bottom of weathered zone− 71231510922.12
Top of “Fish shales”272296115441.92
Top of Lias1023333217781.87
Top of Keuper1298430724131.78
Top of Muschelkalk1504523628211.86
Top of Buntsandstein1649481828581.69
Top of unaltered granite2209595133511.78
  1. The velocity parameters apply below the depth of the mentioned interfaces, which is given along GRT1