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Fig. 7

From: Hydrochemical and operational parameters driving carbonate scale kinetics at geothermal facilities in the Bavarian Molasse Basin

Fig. 7

Correlation between scale rate at the wellhead (mol/(\(\hbox {m}^2\) \(\cdot\) s)) and production rate (L/s). Data points labeled with site number. The dark blue data points are the observed scale rates of several facilities. The bright blue data points are scale rates of these facilities modeled by the regression g(x) = - 3.92 \(\cdot\) 10\(^{-6}\) + 1.96 \(\cdot\) 10\(^{-8}\) \(\cdot\) x based on \(\Delta\) pressure (x). a (left) shows also the red and grey data points used for the development of the regression while b (right) shows only the new blue data points used for validation. Observed and modeled values are identical for sites 2, 10, 13, and 15

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