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Fig. 7

From: An open-access stress magnitude database for Germany and adjacent regions

Fig. 7

Depth distribution of stress magnitude data. Minimum principal stress (\(\sigma _3\)) magnitude and horizontal stress (\(S_\text {hmin}\)) magnitude, depending on how it is indicated in the reference, plotted with record depth below surface. Plotted are all data records for which the one and/or the other information is available, resulting in 530 data points (\(\hbox {n}_{{Shmin}}\) = 379; \(\hbox {n}_{\sigma 3 }\) = 151). 30 data records provide both \(S_\text {hmin}\) and \(\sigma _3\) magnitude, therefore 500 distinct records remain. The difference to the total number of data records in the database (n = 564) results from the fact that some records provide only other types of stress information or lack the required depth information. The colour code in the plot corresponds to that used in Figs. 5a and  6

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