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Table 3 Analysis of the gas contained in the geothermal facility normalized to standard conditions (1013 hPa, \(0^{\,\circ } \hbox {C}\)). Degassing took place at \(54^{\,\circ } \hbox {C}\) and \(\hbox {p} = 1030\, \hbox {hPa}\)

From: Rippled scales in a geothermal facility in the Bavarian Molasse Basin: a key to understand the calcite scaling process

Gas \({\text {CH}}_{4}\) \({\text {N}}_{2}\) \({\text {CO}}_{2}\) \({\text {C}}_2 {\text {H}}_{6}\) \({\text {H}}_2 {\text {S}}\)
Gas, Vol % 46.3 35.9 16.0 1.0 0.3
Dissolved gas @ reservoir conditions (298 bar, \(140.2^{\,\circ } \hbox {C}\)), mmol/L 2.1 1.4 3.1 0.04 0.17
Gas load (sum of all gases), NmL gas/ L water 86