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Table 5 Shared features between Madagascar geothermal areas and global analogues

From: Classification of geothermal systems in Madagascar

Region North Central West
Area Ambilobe Ambanja Itasy Antsirabe Miandrivazo Morondava
Age of volcanism Miocene Miocene–Pleistocene Mesozoic
Heat source Shallow Moho Shallow Moho and fossil magma chamber Shallow Moho
Lithology Sedimentary sequences, magmatic to metamorphic basement Volcanic rocks and deposits, magmatic to metamorphic basement Neogene deposits, volcanic rocks, magmatic to metamorphic basement Mesozoic and Permian sedimentary sequences, magmatic to metamorphic basement
Structural setting or regime Normal faulting
Dextral/sinistral strike-slip faults
Graben Pull-apart basin Half-graben Normal faulting Horst-graben structure in passive margin basin
Dominant geologic control Quaternary faulting Miocene-quaternary active faulting Faults/fractures
Analogue Walker Lane, Great Basin, USA Gediz Graben, Western Turkey Walker Lane, Great Basin, USA Main Karoo Basin, South Africa