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Table 4 Geothermal system classes for prospective areas in Madagascar

From: Classification of geothermal systems in Madagascar

Region North Central West
Area Ambilobe Ambanja Itasy Antsirabe Miandrivazo Morondava
Geological environment and heat source Graben border-fault
Shallow Moho
Shallow Moho and fossil magma chamber
Shallow Moho and fossil magma chamber
Graben border-fault
Shallow Moho
Shallow Moho
Physical state of the mobile fluid phase                                                                                                                   Liquid-dominated
Fluid enthalpy                                                                                                            Moderate Low
Class Graben border-fault liquid-dominated moderate-temperature Fossil-magmatic liquid-dominated moderate-temperature Graben bounder-fault liquid-dominated moderate-temperature Sedimentary liquid-dominated low-temperature