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Fig. 2 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 2

From: Predictability and controlling factors of overpressure in the North Alpine Foreland Basin, SE Germany: an interdisciplinary post-drill analysis of the Geretsried GEN-1 deep geothermal well

Fig. 2

Chronostratigraphic chart for the North Alpine Foreland Basin in SE Germany with nomenclature and geologic ages [after (Drews et al. 2018; Kuhlemann and Kempf 2002)]. Geologic ages for Late Miocene–Rupelian, Schoeneck–Eocene and Mesozoic from Kuhlemann and Kempf (2002), Zweigel (1998) and Cohen et al. (2013), respectively. The term Lattorf/Sannoisian is outdated and replaced in this study by the Schoeneck Formation (c.f. Janssen et al. 2018). However, the term is generally used in well tops of the used oil and gas wells and therefore also displayed in this figure for reference

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