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Table 3 Summary of thermal and petrophysical properties used

From: Solute tracer test quantification of the effects of hot water injection into hydraulically stimulated crystalline rock

Model parameters
\(\rho _R\)2706a
\(\rho _W\) (13 \(\,^{\circ } \text {C}\))999
\(C_{p,W}\) (13 \(\,^{\circ } \text {C}\))4180
t (days)15
\(T_W\) (AU Tunnel)N/Ac
\(T_W\) (PRP1-int3)20.2c
\(T_W\) (PRP2-int2)13.5c
\(T_W\) (PRP1-int2)13.0c
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  2. bKant et al. (2017)
  3. cBrixel et al. (2019)