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Table 2 Summary of the tracer transport parameters

From: Solute tracer test quantification of the effects of hot water injection into hydraulically stimulated crystalline rock

Monitoring locationTest 8Test 9Changea (%)
Recovery, R (%)
 AU tunnel\(\sim\) 65\(\sim\) 23− 64
 PRP1-int32.842.02− 29
 PRP2-int22.471.46− 41
Peak arrival time, \(t_{p}\) (min)
 AU tunnel23537560
 PRP1-int33018− 41
Mean residence time, \(t^{*}\) (min)
 AU tunnel22421383− 38
 PRP1-int31232286− 77
 Swept volume, \(V_{p}\) m3
 AU tunnel\(\sim\)3.05\(\sim\)0.57− 81
 PRP1-int30.0740.010− 86
 PRP2-int20.0450.040− 12
Dispersion, \(m_{2,c}\) (\({\text{min}}^{2}\))
 AU tunnel4.63E+061.31E+06− 72
 PRP1-int32.76E+061.91E+05− 93
Gini coefficient, G (–)
 AU tunnel0.500.44− 13
 PRP2-int20.540.50− 7
 PRP1-int20.300.25− 16
  1. aChange from Test 8 to Test 9