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Table 1 Summary of tracer injection and production during Tests 8 and 9

From: Solute tracer test quantification of the effects of hot water injection into hydraulically stimulated crystalline rock

MetricTest 8Test 9
Test start22.11.201713.12.2017
Hot water injection29.11.2017–10.01.2018
Test end29.12.201720.12.2017
Injection intervalINJ2-int4
Injection depth (m)22.89–23.89
Injection flow rate, \(Q_{{\text {inj}}}\) (L min\(^{-1}\))2.11.8
Injection pressure, \(P_{{\text {inj}}}\) (kPa)374450
Injection temperature, \(T_{J}\) (\(\,^{\circ } \text {C}\))1345
Injected tracer mass, \(M_{{\text {inj}}}\) (mg)19.519.0
Injected tracer volume, \(V_{{\text {inj}}}\) (L)0.9750.950
Monitoring locationsAU Tunnel, PRP1-int3
 PRP2-int2, PRP1-int2
Production flow rate, \(Q_{{\text {pro}}}\, (\text {L min}^{-1})\)1a, 0.0900.85a, 0.051
 0.069, 0.120.043, 0.12
Distance to monitoring location (m)20.7, 4.6, 6.4, 8.6
  1. aThe production flow rate at the AU Tunnel is estimated for both Test 8 and Test 9, as no measurements are available. Details are given in ’Results and discussion’ section