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Fig. 3

From: Solute tracer test quantification of the effects of hot water injection into hydraulically stimulated crystalline rock

Fig. 3

Comparison of the residence time distribution (RTD) curves (left) and the \(F-\Phi\) curves (right). The RTD and the \(F-\Phi\) curves are from before (Test 8) and during (Test 9) hot water injection at the four monitoring locations, namely the AU Tunnel outflow point, PRP1-int3, PRP2-int2, and PRP1-int2. The x-symbol on the Test 9 RTD curve, obtained from PRP1-int2, marks the start of a 2-day breakdown of the water injection system (Fig. 2) and the dashed diagonal lines in the \(F-\Phi\) plots represent a homogeneous fracture system. Note the different scales of the axes for the RTD curves

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