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Fig. 1

From: Solute tracer test quantification of the effects of hot water injection into hydraulically stimulated crystalline rock

Fig. 1

Overview of the experiment setup at the Grimsel Test Site (GTS) (modified from Krietsch et al. 2018). The shear zone structures, designated S1 and S3, are shown as red and green planes, respectively. There is also a shear zone classified as S2, which is slightly discordant to S1. However, the S1 and S2 shear zones cannot be distinguished in the field (Keusen et al. 1989; Krietsch et al. 2018). The injection and monitoring intervals, associated with this study, in boreholes INJ1, INJ2, PRP1, and PRP2 (black cylinders) and the AU Tunnel outflow point (black circle) are marked. The orange arrows indicate the interpreted flow directions in injection interval INJ2-int4, where the arrows with solid lines are associated with the more prominent flow directions (see Section ’Redistribution of fluid flow’ for more information)

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