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Fig. 4

From: Physical property evolution of granite during experimental chemical stimulation

Fig. 4

Schematic of acid permeameter. a Technical diagram of permeameter circuit. b Sketch of primary components. c Diagram of pressure vessel interior. (1): pressure vessel; (2): confining pressure inlet/outlet; (3): pore fluid outlet; (4): vent valve; (5): pore fluid inlet/outlet ports; (6): Quizix pore fluid pump; (7): permeant reservoir; (8): pressure gauge; (9): analogue pressure transducer; (10): confining pressure outlet valve; (11): confining pressure pump/oil reservoir; (12): effluent reservoir. (a): upstream endcap; (b): downstream endcap; (c): silicone gasket; (d): confining pressure inlet/outlet; (e): steel spacers; (f): sample; (g): annular sleeve

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