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Fig. 1

From: Physical property evolution of granite during experimental chemical stimulation

Fig. 1

Site and geological maps of study area. a Location map of Soultz-sous-Forêts geothermal site with respect to nearby cities (red circles) and Schwarzenbach sampling site (black circle). b Simplified geological map of the area shown in a, indicating location of cross-section shown in c. Modified after Dezayes et al. (1995) and Stober and Bucher (2015). c Geological cross-section of the Upper Rhine Graben region, modified after Stober and Bucher (2015) and Aichholzer et al. (2016). The open-hole section of the GPK-4 well is situated in the Hercynian (Variscan) crystalline basement. Geological unit abbreviations: H = Hercynian basement; A = anté-Annweiler; B = Buntsandstein; M = Muschelkalk; O = other mesozoic sediments

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