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Fig. 4

From: THM modeling of gravity anomalies related to deep hydrothermal circulation at Soultz-sous-Forêts (France)

Fig. 4

a 2D vertical cross-section and b 3D model with the boundary conditions used during the simulation. The background colors correspond to idealized layers homogenized at the scale of about 100 m. The thickness of the sediments \({z}_{\text {isg}}\) is about 1.4 km in Soultz. Here, the thickness of the first layer \({e}_{1}\) is evaluated during the back-analysis (Vallier et al. 2019). \({T}_{\text {b}}\) is the bottom temperature set at 208 °C. \({T}_{\text {h}}\) is the surface temperature set at 15 °C

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