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Fig. 11

From: THM modeling of gravity anomalies related to deep hydrothermal circulation at Soultz-sous-Forêts (France)

Fig. 11

Gravity anomaly profile due to a V-sheet as an excess of density about \(300\,\text {kg m}^{-3}\) inside a reservoir. The blue line corresponds to the analytical solution, the dotted green and red lines, respectively, for the simulated solutions with TRIA3 and QUAD4 elements describing the reservoir model. Both of them assume that the reference total homogenized specific mass \(\rho _\text{ref}\) is equal to the initial value \(\rho _{0}\). The magenta line corresponds to the simulated solution with QUAD4 elements and assuming \(\rho _\text{ref}\) is equal to the mean value of the specific mass \(\rho _\text{m}\)

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