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Table 8 Permeability data set subject to lithology for MSC-4 and DGF-FB

From: Porosity–permeability relationship derived from Upper Jurassic carbonate rock cores to assess the regional hydraulic matrix properties of the Malm reservoir in the South German Molasse Basin

LocationLithologyPermeability (core), mDnPermeability (GPPT model), mDn
MinMaxMed ± MADMinMaxMed ± MAD
Moosburg SC 4Limestone3.0 E−32.6 E+13.6 E−1 ± 1.1 E+151.0 E−71.2 E+22.6 E−4 ± 1.8 E+194
Dolom. limestone1.0 E−25.1 E+07.9 E−2 ± 2.5 E+041.2 E−46.2 E+17.9 E−2 ± 1.2 E+139
Dolostone7.2 E−23.3 E+13.5 E+0 ± 1.0 E+1161.0 E−71.0 E+22.4 E−4 ± 1.0 E+198
Dingolfing FBLimestone2.0 E+119.4 E+01.9 E+11.4 E+1 ± 6.8 E+02
Dolom. limestone1.3 E−313.4 E−46.0 E−39.4 E−4 ± 3.1 E−33
Dolostone1.0 E−42.2 E+16.5 E−3 ± 5.6 E+0302.0 E−53.7 E+12.5 E−3 ± 6.1 E+040
  1. Min minimum, Max maximum, Med median, MAD median absolute deviation, n count