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Table 1 Overview of rock samples and the corresponding measurement methods

From: Porosity–permeability relationship derived from Upper Jurassic carbonate rock cores to assess the regional hydraulic matrix properties of the Malm reservoir in the South German Molasse Basin

Moosburg SC 4Purbeck737373527
Malm ζ 4–5323232538
Malm ζ 3181818   
Malm ζ 23535352 2
Malm ζ 1323232527
Malm ε191919415
Malm δ3636364 4
Malm γ151515   
Malm β141414   
Malm α181818   
Top Dogger202020   
Dingolfing FBMalm ζ 4–5666 33
Malm ζ 2999 77
Malm ζ 1555 33
Malm ε191919 1313
Malm δ121212 66
Total 363363363254065
  1. HEP helium porosimetry, WIP water immersion porosimetry, AirPerm minipermeameter, Triax triaxial flow test