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Fig. 6 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 6

From: Porosity–permeability relationship derived from Upper Jurassic carbonate rock cores to assess the regional hydraulic matrix properties of the Malm reservoir in the South German Molasse Basin

Fig. 6

Bioturbated wackestones showing different stages of dolomitization. Porosity increases with grade of dolomitization. Note bioturbation and burrows (black arrows) that are progressively substituted by sucrose dolomite rhombs. Location of the right sample is only 30 cm deeper than the middle one, but shows complete dolomitization with abundant intercrystal porosity and moldic porosity (red arrows). Left: DGF-FB, 246 mTVD, middle: MSC-4, 1138.9 mTVD, right: MSC-4 1139.2, mTVD

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