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Fig. 15 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 15

From: Porosity–permeability relationship derived from Upper Jurassic carbonate rock cores to assess the regional hydraulic matrix properties of the Malm reservoir in the South German Molasse Basin

Fig. 15

Correlation of the porosity data from rock cores (Moosburg SC4) to calculated Archie porosity from the downhole deep resistivity log of a geothermal well in the area of Munich. By subdivision of data into the stratigraphic intervals Purbeck (a), Malm Zeta (b), Malm Epsilon (c) and Malm Delta (d), almost similar distributions of porosity can be found for both boreholes. Note that Archie porosity represents total porosity of the reservoir rock including isolated pores and secondary porosity (vugs, karstification)

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