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Fig. 10 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 10

From: Porosity–permeability relationship derived from Upper Jurassic carbonate rock cores to assess the regional hydraulic matrix properties of the Malm reservoir in the South German Molasse Basin

Fig. 10

Verification of directional permeability caused by anisotropy of rock samples. a The measurements are distributed along each spatial dimension of the cylindrical plug to generate vertical (\(k{\text{v}}\)) and horizontal (\(k{\text{h}}\)) permeability information. Horizontal permeability generally shows a higher variance due to vertical variations in deposition. Sample C contains abundant vugs along the cylinder, which significantly increase the horizontal permeability, while the vertical permeability of sample F is reduced due to stylobedding. b Permeability anisotropy for all samples measured with the air-driven permeameter, which often show a higher permeability in the horizontal direction

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