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Table 3 Comparison of costs of carried out or planned reconstructions with the costs of a drilling a new well (according to costs updated for 2020)

From: Reconstruction of geothermal boreholes in Poland

Well (depth)Reconstructed wellNew well in that areab
Net cost (M€)Effect obtained (m3/h)Net cost factor (k€/m3)Net cost (M€)Effect expected (m3/h)Net cost factor (k€/m3)
Mszczonów IG-1 (1793 m)0.7760.012.82.65> 150 m3/h17.7
Poręba Wielka IG-1 (2002 m)0.4216.126.12.8410–20 m3/h180.0
Biały Dunajec PAN-1 (2606,1 m MD 2592,8 m TVD)1.42375.03.83.40ca. 400 m3/h8.5
Czarny Potok GT-1a (2600 m)0.86250–300 kWt3.0 (k€/kWt)3.02250–300 kWt10.0 (k€/kWt)
  1. aNegative well (project for coaxial hole heat exchanger was designed) − drilling cost in the years 2010 ÷ 2011 − 3.0 M€ (reconstruction project not implemented)
  2. bEstimated values