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Table 2 Disclosed stress magnitude data from the model area

From: The 3D stress state from geomechanical–numerical modelling and its uncertainties: a case study in the Bavarian Molasse Basin

Stress componentTypeMagnitude (MPa)Depth (m)LocationReferences
\(\text{S}_\text {hmin}\)LOTUndisclosedUndiscl.SauerlachPers. comm. T. Fritzer in Ziegler et al. (2016)
12.8− 288Unterhaching Drews et al. (2019)
21.8− 808Unterhaching Drews et al. (2019)
10.6− 169UnterföhringGeovol Unterföhring GmbH
Undisclosed45.07− 2416Kirchweidach Backers et al. (2017)
Frict. equil.60.4− 3385Sauerlach Seithel et al. (2015)
62.0*− 2736Unterhaching Budach et al. (2017)
47*− 1976Freiham Backers et al. (2017)
83.1*− 3767Geretsried Backers et al. (2017)
\(\text{S}_\text {Hmax}\)Frict. equil.116.3− 3385Sauerlach Seithel et al. (2015)
171.9*− 2736Unterhaching Budach et al. (2017)
131*− 1976Freiham Backers et al. (2017)
228.8*− 3767Geretsried Backers et al. (2017)
  1. The asterisk signifies that the magnitudes are assumed for a strike-slip regime. For the corresponding magnitudes for a transtensional stress regime, see Table 3