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Table 1 Lithological units present in the model and their rock properties (top to bottom)

From: The 3D stress state from geomechanical–numerical modelling and its uncertainties: a case study in the Bavarian Molasse Basin

UnitYoung’s module (GPa)Poisson ratioDensity (kg/m\(^3\))
Foreland Molassea15c0.29c2350b,c
Folded Molassea33d0.25d2400b
Malm zetaa50f0.23f2593f
Malm epsilona50f0.30f2800f
Malm deltaa50f0.25f2760f
Malm gammaa31f0.20f2443f
Malm betaa45f0.22f2490f
Malm alphaa31f0.20f2443f
Pre Malma20d0.25d2680b,d
Alpine bodya50b,d0.22b,d2730b
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