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Fig. 1

From: The 3D stress state from geomechanical–numerical modelling and its uncertainties: a case study in the Bavarian Molasse Basin

Fig. 1

Map of the eastern Bavarian Molasse Basin. Depths (b.s.l.) of top Malm delta is indicated by coloured isolines (Przybycin et al. 2017). Model area is indicated by the rectangular box. Orientations of the maximum horizontal stress \(\text{S}_\text {Hmax}\) indicated by lines and symbols are from the World Stress Map database release 2016 (Heidbach et al. 2016). Disclosed stress magnitude data records used for the model calibration are indicated by stars in Freiham (F), Unterhaching (U), Sauerlach (S), Geretsried (G), Unterföhring (N), and Kirchweidach (K). The two neighbouring geothermal projects that are discussed are indicated by diamonds in Poing (P, red) and Aschheim/Feldkirchen/Kirchheim (AFK, green). The cross-section AA′ shows the model geometry and the realised lithological units

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