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Table 2 Operating conditions and parameters

From: Investigation on geothermal binary-flashing cycle employing zeotropic mixtures as working fluids

ParametersTypical valueRanges
Geothermal brine inlet temperature, °C120
Geothermal brine inlet pressure, kPa300
Geothermal brine flow rate, kg/s1
Cooling water inlet temperature, °C20
Cooling water inlet pressure, kPa100
Condensation temperature, °C30
Generation pressure, kPa14001000–1700
Flashing temperature, °CTfsh(Tfsh − 10) − (Tfsh + 10)
Pinch point temperature difference, °C5 
Isentropic efficiency of expander0.85 
Isentropic efficiency of pump0.80 
Ambient temperature, °C20 °C