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Table 1 Geological units implemented in the 2D model and corresponding petrophysical properties which were used in the simulation

From: Analyzing the influence of correlation length in permeability on convective systems in heterogeneous aquifers using entropy production

Model unitPorosityVertical permeability (\(10^{-15} \hbox {m}^2\))Thermal conductivity (matrix; \(\hbox {W m}^{-1}\,\hbox {K}^{-1}\))Radiogenic heat production (\(\upmu \hbox {W m}^{-3}\))
Leederville Aquifer0.3\(118.0\)3.40.6
South Perth Shale0.
Yarragadee AquiferMean: 0.2Mean:
Range: 0.14–0.33Range: 0.3–41004.30.52
Cattamarra coal measures0.10.0184.10.45
Basement/Yilgarn Craton0.06\(1.18\, 10^{-4}\)44
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