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Table 4 Geometric parameters and material properties used in the simulation of the counterflow heat exchange model

From: Temperature log simulations in high-enthalpy boreholes

Formation temperature at the surface°C7
The geothermal gradient°C/m0.1
Casing thermal conductivityW/(m  °C)50
Cement thermal conductivityW/(m  °C)1.2
Formation rock densitykg/m33000
Formation thermal conductivityW/(m  °C)1.5
Formation specific heat capacityJ/(kg  °C)840
Well depthm4600
Inside radius of the drill pipem0.0352
The outside radius of the drill pipem0.0445
Inside radius of the casingm0.0797
The outside radius of the casingm0.089
The radius of the wellbore/formation interfacem0.1
Water production ratekg/s15
Water specific heat capacityJ/(kg  °C)4194
Water densitykg/m31000
Water viscosityPa∙s1e−3
Water thermal conductivityW/(m  °C)0.6