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Fig. 9 | Geothermal Energy

Fig. 9

From: Detailed descriptions of the lower-middle Triassic and Permian formations using cores and gamma-rays from the EPS-1 exploration geothermal borehole (Soultz-sous-Forêts, Upper Rhine Graben, France)

Fig. 9

Photo board of the cores from the lower Buntsandstein (Permian age), with the Box associated with the cores; this package is correlated to a formation (with the names and boxes concerned). All the cores have a diameter of 78 mm. Boxes 478, 496, 505, 516 and 525, Grès d’Annweiler: clayey sandstones with very high frequency of clay rip-up clasts of all sizes rounded and angular (related to desiccation plates) and thin clay banks. A filled fracture with barite is observed in the Box 596. Boxes 538 and 540, Grès d’Anté-Annweiler: medium to coarse clayey sandstones with feldspathic megacrystal clasts (up to 2 cm) and numerous Variscan basement clasts such as rhyolite (9 mm) and granite (6 mm). The difference of color with Box 496, compared to the others, is linked to the fact that the photo is coming from another shooting

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