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Fig. 2

From: Detailed descriptions of the lower-middle Triassic and Permian formations using cores and gamma-rays from the EPS-1 exploration geothermal borehole (Soultz-sous-Forêts, Upper Rhine Graben, France)

Fig. 2

Litho-chronostratigraphic log from the middle Muschelkalk (Anisian) to the upper Buntsandstein (Anisian), issued from the EPS-1 core analysis. This log presents from top to base the Marnes Bariolées, the Couches à Myophoria Orbicularis, the Schaumkalk, the Wellenkalk, the Wellenmergel, the Couches à Térébratules, the Couches à Myacites, the Grès Coquillier and the Grès à Voltzia facies observed on the cores. At the right of the log column, the occurence of gypsum, fossils and bioturbations is indicated. The cores are stored in boxes of 1-m-length; in the figure their labels are indicated. The number 01 corresponds to the top of the coring (middle Muschelkalk), as the number 542 the transition between the Permian and the granitic Variscan basement (not represented on this log which shows only the cores from top of the deepening)

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